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Branding & Corporate Identity

Client: TEKsystems, Inc.

Challenge: TEKsystems, the country's largest technology staffing company, was well-known among middle managers, but lacked recognition at higher levels. They needed a new branding campaign that would promote awareness among high-level executives and help them gain the large outsourcing contracts they desired.

Solution: As lead copywriter on the project, I relied on market and identity research to develop a voice that represented the company's human side and its extraordinary commitment to customer service.

The initial project included a brand brochure, brochures for each major service category, and
product overviews for individuals service offerings.
In a second phase, the brand voice I developed
was extended to the company's Web site.

Case Studies

Client: First Consulting Group, Inc.

Challenge: FCG wanted to showcase a first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical R&D portal in a short case study accessible to both technology experts and upper management.

Solution: I interviewed the engineers and project managers behind the portal to write a clear and concise case study that gives a quick understanding of a complex project and spells out its numerous benefits in non-tech terms.

This case study is one in a continuing series for FCG's Life Sciences division.

Lead-Generating Brochures

Client: Firstlogic, Inc.

Challenge: Firstlogic needed to reach high-level decision-makers who often had no technical background and rarely understood what information quality software was, let alone why their company needed it.

Solution: Working with the client's initial concept, I developed a straight-forward guide that readers could relate to, thanks to numerous industry-specific examples and tips. The guide educated readers about the software's benefits and bottom-line impact without technical specifications or jargon.

The first guide was so successful that I was asked to write three more. The series targeted finance, higher education, CRM users, and online merchants.

Compelling Media Kits

Client: Advanstar Communications

Challenge: American Salon needed a tool to win over new advertisers and convince current advertisers to commit to more ad space, despite the slow economy.

Solution: Working with the client and a graphic designer, I created a concise media kit that used strong headlines and key figures to communicate American Salon's greatest advantages in just a glance. Minimal, to-the-point copy focused on advertisers' chief concerns.

This no-nonsense approach led to an increase in ad sales and total pages per issue.

Executive Speeches & Presentations

Event: net.marketing Spring Conference

H. Robert Wientzen,
President & CEO,
The Direct Marketing Association

Challenge: In the wake of the dot-com crash, the CEO needed to deliver a positive yet realistic message in his opening speech at this major interactive marketing conference.

Solution: I provided the client with a candid speech that put the crash into perspective by comparing the early days of the Web to the early days of aviation. There were many crashes as humans took to the air, but aviation continued to advance, as will online marketing. The speech concluded that while there was sure to be more turbulence ahead, we could also look forward to unthinkable developments as the industry moves towards the online equivalent of the jet engine and beyond.

The CEO's speech received positive local and national press coverage for its optimistic yet realistic perspective.

Internal & Customer Newsletters

Client: The Direct Marketing Association

Challenge: Despite the DMA's member services and extensive lobbying efforts, corporate members were often unware of exactly what their hefty dues paid for.

Solution: I partnered with a designer to launch a 10-page monthly newsletter. I wrote feature articles and monthly columns that informed members of legislative issues and member services. Strong headlines and attractive layouts got members' attention.

More informed members led to better member-retention.

Bylined Articles & Success Stories

Client: Firstlogic, Inc.

Challenge: Firstlogic wanted to build its brand with a bylined trade-press article that positioned the company as an industry leader, even though editors often reject such articles as too self-serving.

Solution: To serve my client and readers, I interviewed marketers to determine the company's message, and spoke to salespeople to learn what questions prospective customers asked most. The article was quickly accepted by a leading trade journal because it gave readers solid information they could use.

In addition to strengthening the client's brand, the article brought in numerous new business leads.
Direct Mail Campaigns

Client: Find/SVP

Challenge: Potential customers felt they didn't have enough specific information about research reports before investing thousands for full access.

Solution: I wrote direct mail pieces that mimicked miniature reports, giving away some enticing facts and figures in charts, text, and direct quotes, while offering more complete information about what data reports offered. The pieces presented a full table of contents along with pricing and ordering details.

More information presented in an orderly fashion led to customers who were more confident in the product and who purchased with less marketing effort.

Investor Relations

Client: The Abernathy Group

Challenge: Strict SEC regulations limit hedge-fund marketing, but The Abernathy Group needed to inform current and new potential investors about their fund.

Solution: A quarterly newsletter format provided solid information for both potential and current investors without violating regulations. I interviewed analysts about specific areas of investment and ghost-wrote articles that discussed diverse technology in accessible terms and shared analysts' views in a conversational tone.

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